4 simple ways to lose weight with yoga at home.

Losing weight is a big task for most of us. Common talk regarding losing weight is to go to a gym. In the times we live in going to the gym is not feasible. lose weight with yoga at home seems to be a better option.

Do you know that there is an increase of upto 50% of obesity in urban india and around 20% in rural areas 

  So it is important for us to know methods like yoga to lose weight at home. Yoga for weight loss at home has become important considering the lockdown situation we are in as it is the easiest and practical  method to practice now. Yoga is not just an exercise, it has mental as well as emotional aspects part of it. It can reduce stress levels significantly and improve your overall sense of well being.

Going to the gym involves a lot of additional time in terms of traveling to the fitness center and returning back, on the other hand doing a yoga session at home is very simple, you just need a yoga mat and you are good to go.

Yoga employs the whole of our body and strengthens our skeletal structure, It helps in improving our joints also. Our muscles also won’t become stiff by doing yoga. Yoga also doesn’t need any types of equipment, to begin with. You won’t need any monthly subscription also to continue your practice.

All these are good reasons to get started on the path of yoga.

How to lose weight


Once you have decided to start yoga, it’s important that you have a target on what is the goal you want to reach in terms of weight loss. Say for example you are weighing 95 kgs today. You can target to lose 10 kgs in the next two months. You can also do a weekly breakdown for 1.25 kgs per week. Having a weighing scale helps you to keep track of your goals to stay committed on the path. It will also be an added motivation for you to keep going when you see the progress you are making every week.

You can also use this upa yoga video as a starting practice to get your joints of the body ready.

Make sure that you are wearing and loose-fitting and comfortable clothing before doing any practice.

Do not take any breaks for drinking water or going to the washroom in between the practice.

Yoga for weight loss beginners.

yoga for weight loss at home

Yoga Namaskar is a practice you can do very easily. How you do this is, first stand on the mat with shoulder-width apart and bring your hand to the front of the chest holding namaskar position

With inhalation slowly bring your hands up without leaving the palms apart to the top of your head while producing a coarse sound through the pit of your throat.

Once your hands reach to the top then bring them to the back of your heads slowly exhaling while holding the namaskar position till your hands touch your neck. If not extend it as much as possible.

Now bring the hand back to the top while inhalation and once it reaches the top of your head, bring it back to your initial position. This is one cycle. Do three cycles like this. Once you finish this you can squat down and hold the namaskar position with your palms in from of your knees

wight loss meditation

Similar to what you did standing up do the hand movement in the squatting position.

Make sure that you dont raise your heel up and it remains planted on ground. Do it slowly while maintaining a tension on your hands.

After finishing 3 cycles in a squatting position , you can rest in on your upper body on the ground with palms kept ahead ofhead and lying flat on the ground.

You can rest for 5 mins in this posture. It is called balasana.

You can see this video for further guidance.

Thoppukaranam for weight loss

Woman during their pregnancy should not attempt this practice

This maybe known as a punishment for some of us when we were young, this practice is very good for our body. Keep your legs shoulder width apart. Hold your right ear with left hand and left ear with right hand.

While exhaling squat and go down slowly. While inhaling coming  back up.

Do this for a minimum of 21 times.


Stand comfortably with legs shoulder-width apart and holding the namaskar with hand.

While inhaling stretch your hands as much as you can and take your hands to the back, take them forward now bending from the back and reaching to the floor. Once the hands reach the floor squat down and hold namaskar with hands in front of the legs. Stretch your hands outwards maintaining the tightness on them uttering the word “Shiva”. Take the hands back to the starting position along with inhaling through your mouth quickly. Take your hand up and get back up from the standing position and stretch back as much as you can while inhaling. Come back to the starting position while exhaling and utter “ Aum Namah Shivaya” in namaskar position. 

This completes one cycle. You can do 21 cycles of this practice.

You can see this video for further guidance.


This practice involves using the whole of our body covering each limb in it. The word angamardana means breaking the limbs. It is seen as a starting process before one goes into practices that are more meditative in nature. This can be termed as the best yoga to lose weight fast

It is a practice that is best learned directly from teachers by attending a class rather than looking at a blog or a video. The movements involved could hurt you if it’s not done properly.

You can see an intro video to the practice here.

To learn it from a program, go to this link to find programs near you.

Keep your eyes closed during the practices. This helps in bring your focus back internally.

If you can do these practices on a daily basis losing weight would be an easy task

You can also use this upa yoga video as a starting practice to get your joints of the body ready.

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