Do these 4 easy Eye yoga exercises to rejuvenate yourself

Taking care of eyes through eye yoga exercises are very important in today’s world. We live in times where we spent a lot of time in front of screens and this can cause a lot of fatigue to your eyes.

Many people are suffering from eye-related problems and it is becoming very common with people nowadays.

 Following the steps mentioned here will help your eyes recover from a long day at the office

eye yoga exercise

In fact, while writing this article, I myself has just started wearing specs around a week ago.

I used to think only others get eye-related problems and not me. I was so wrong. Anybody can get these things if we are not taking care of them.

Lack of eye care can lead to health issues such as headaches, migraines, redness of the eyes. Once these issues starts happening, it’s very annoying and it is not easy to get rid of them. So as cliche as it sounds, prevention is better than cure.

Many people have started wearing spectacles and it has started to become a common thing amongst people. While it may not be possible for people to come out of spectacles naturally, We can do certain things that can help our eyes recover.

 So how to improve eyesight  ?

We can take a break while watching screens. Look away for 30 seconds to a far off place and come back. This can help the eyes recover. Doing neck practices can also be helpful for destressing the eyes. There are 4 neck movements which when done slowly and steadily can be effective.

Ensure that your stomach is not full while doing this practice. It’s better to leave a gap of at least 2.5 hours after a full meal. It’s best to do these practices at least twice during the day.


Once in an hour you can place both your index finger and middle finger help together and keep it on your eyes for at least 30 seconds. Ensure that you do not press on your eyes. Keep your eyes closed during the practice.

Rub your palms together vigorously for at least 150 seconds and cover your eyes with both palms. Stay in this position for a minute. Repeat this at least 3 times.

Washing face

Take a break when you are looking at a screen and splash some water on your face and eyes. ensure that the eyes are open while you are doing this. Do this every 2 hours.

Eye yoga exercises

Pointed Fingers

Stand straight with your index finger held straight in front of you around chest height. Now look at the tip of the index finger for 15 seconds and sift your gaze to an object that is at least 10 ft away from you. look at the object for at least 15 seconds. This is one cycle. Repeat this at least 10 times.

Avoid screen time 1.5 hrs before going to sleep. This will improve the quality of your sleep. The light from the screen prevents you from getting into deep states of sleep.

Up and down

We can relax our shoulders and drop your chin while standing to touch the chest region.

Slowly raise your neck and take it back. Eyes should be closed during the entire sequence.

Once the neck has reached back, bring it back slowly to the starting position. Inhale while you are going up and exhale while bringing the head down. This will complete one cycle. We can do three cycles of this movement.

Sideways movement 

Stand with your head straight. Close your eyes. Take your head to the right side with your ears touching the shoulders. Exhale while going to the side. Inhale while coming back. Slowly come back to starting position. Now do the same to the left side. This will complete one cycle. We can do three cycles of this movement.

Side rotation

Stand with your head straight and slowly rotate to your right side while exhaling taking your head as far as possible. Now bring back the head to the original position. Keep your eyes closed during the sequence. 

Neck 360-degree rotation

Stand straight with your chin pointing downwards. Take your chin down as much as you can while touching your chest. Exhale fully as you go down. This is the starting position. Take your head to the right and slowly rotating and inhaling as you come up. keep your eyes closed during the movement. Take your head back as much as possible and take your head to the left as you come down exhaling fully and slowly. Come back to the starting position. This is one cycle. Do 3 cycles of this movement.

Shoulder rotation

Stand straight and relax your shoulders. Take your shoulder up and bring it forward and slowly bring it down in a circular motion and come back to the starting position. Now take your shoulder up and bring it backwards and take it down in a circular motion and come back to the starting position. This is one cycle. Do 3 cycles of this movement.

Eye care

Stand straight relax your eyes.  Imagine a triangle formed with the points being the tip of your nose, the edge of right shoulder and in between the eyebrows. focus on these points for at least 5 seconds one after the other starting from the tip of the nose, going to the edge of the right shoulder and then in between the eyebrows. This will complete one cycle. Do at least 12 cycles. Now imagine a similar triange with the tip of the left shoulder being the third point. Repeat as you did for 12 cycles on the left side.

Take a break every hour for minimum 10 minutes where you are engaged in some other activity away from screen.  This is necessary for eyes to recover from the strain caused due to staring at the screen.

Having the right diet is also important and can be supportive for the eyes. Dont ignore taking a well balanced diet. Hope you can incorporate these changes to your daily routine and reap the benefits. Doing these practices can be of help along your journey.

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How many times should we do eye care exercises

Its good to do it daily 2-3 times

When should we take a break from screen

Idealy every 20 minutes a break is good during screentime.

Can people wearing exercises do eye yoga exercises

Yes , you can remove your spectacles and do the exercises

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